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  • Hypnosis is a highly focused state of awareness.  It is a natural process.  There are many times throughout our day when “we are somewhere else.”  We are in a trance when we think of next week’s vacation, and while driving our car, or planning a romantic date.  

  • Hypnosis allows us to access unconscious memories, accept and utilize useful suggestions, and recall conscious memories in more detail.  Most people can be hypnotized.

  • Hypnosis has much in common with deep relaxation, visualization and mediation and has some element of these techniques.  

  • My training in this field has been extensive  Most recently with Dr. Deborah Ross of Los Gatos Institute.  I have studied with instructors from the Erickson Foundation and Carter and Gillligan.  I also have training in NLP, Neuro Linguistics, which overlaps hypnosis and EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization training, which accesses past memories.

          Hypnosis works!  Some issues that I have helped clients resolve:


          Stop smoking                                              Sexual enhancement
           Weight loss                                                Sexual dysfunction
           Healing after surgery                                    Trauma from loss  
           Theatrical performance anxiety                     Sports performance
           Natural childbirth                                          Find lost item
           Passing exams, e.g.                                    Past life regression  
Court reporter                                            Release relationship
Social work licensure                                 Stress             
             The bar



Transitions Coaching - My Clients


After a past Life Regression session, I was better able to make sense
of some obstacles to success in my current situation, and to release them.

I am an ambitious woman. I love baseball. I came to Margot to 
improve my pitching on my college team. Through a combination 
of EMDR, hypnosis, visualization and coaching, I am reaching my potential. A lot of success is really about what and how you think.

I am great at practice games in my chosen primary sport, basketball. However, sometimes this doesn’t translate to success during a real game. Margot was able to overcome my performance anxiety through a combination of therapeutic techniques and hypnosis. It’s been a great year for me.

I have been wanting to try hypnosis for a long time for my problem with alcohol, and nothing else seemed to help me quit. I had a real serious problem with drinking. I must confess that I did not think it would help me quit, but I gave it a try and took the first step. Three months later, I have not had a drink and it does not even tempt me anymore. I highly recommend hypnosis to anyone with Margot. She is the best.

Due to medical problems, it was imperative that I stop smoking. Through hypnosis I was able to quit easily and now, to my amazement, have became sensitive to second hand smoke and avoid it whenever possible I began to feel physically better within a very short time.

After a very difficult birth, I was anxious about the impending birth of my second child. Through hypnosis, I learned to be completely relaxed and was able to have my new baby completely natural.

I had tried everything under the sun. With Margot’s help in setting my goals and two hypnosis sessions, I was able to let go of my emotional eating and quickly began to lose weight.

I found that hypnosis was a great help to me in both preparing for surgery and a fast recovery.

My sexual libido issues seem to be psychological. Several hypnosis sessions over the past ten years has greatly improved my sex life’

After having failed the bar exam two times, I decided to try hypnosis. I came to the exam with a very positive and relaxed attitude and passed with flying colors.

"In transition" is the exact place I was when I started to work with Margot. She helped me gain clarity about my situation & resolve to bring constructive action about.  She has real talent for listening, staying focused, and keeping the whole process moving forward.  Her many areas of expertise also kept the experience well rounded.   Margot demonstrated genuine caring and I felt she was truly "on my side."



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