Margot Tepperman provides a holistic approach providing rapid
positive changes in areas of:

  • Depression,

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Stress management,

  • Relationship

  • Pain management,

  • Grief work with adults and children.

Margot also provides counseling on enhanced sexual functioning for adults as well as issues of sexuality, gender identity, bi-sexual, gay and polyamorous relationships. 
She has attended HAI (The Human Awareness Institute) which provides training in 
sex, love, and intimacy, for more than 20 years.

She realizes that healing techniques must involve integration of

  • MIND

  • BODY


Resources includes:

  • The powerful technique of EMDR (cognitive restructuring)

  • Hypnosis

  • Visual Imagery and New Thought

Career and Life strategy Coaching is also available for developing success strategies.

Counseling takes place in a the peaceful environment of a beautiful Victorian House.


It felt miraculous!!!  With just a few sessions with Margot Tepperman I've been able to relieve myself of problems I thought were intractable.  I can manage my daily problems in a positive way and feel I will continue to improve. My Chronic anxiety has been reduced significantly.  Childhood traumas that I have dealt with through other therapies unsuccessfully have faded in the background of my life.

I was working on becoming a Life Coach but had a piece of unfinished business to clear up that was keeping me from moving forward to my goal. I had been fired from a job many years ago under humiliating circumstances and was still angry about what had happened. Margot's expertise in EMDR, helped me put this issue behind me in just a few sessions.

 am from South America. I married an American and we returned to the USA.  Sometime later my mother died and I was unable to attend the funeral because of the cost. Years after her death I was still feeling guilty about missing the funeral. Counseling, that included EMDR, helped me release these feelings once and for all. I am so grateful to Margot for lifting this burden from me.

As a police officer I had seen a lot of death, primarily from traffic accidents. I came to Margot for Career Coaching feeling like I needed to change my occupation as I was so traumatized by what had been happening on the job.  We started by processing what I had witnessed using EMDR. I found it lifted my depression, and gave me some new insights into the benefits of my work. I was able to continue in my current position.
Anonymous police officer

My wife and I came to Margot to deal with some lifestyle issues which had increasingly interfered with our getting along. Having a third party present, and investigating new ways of resolving our differences, which had not occurred to us before; we were able to better understand each others needs and come to agreement
.Mr. & Ms. RS

As a Mom, I was very concerned about how my children were reacting to my
divorce. I had reached this decision over a long period of time and believed it was for the best. However, my Ex was not very co-operative and kept putting our children in the middle. I had been emotionally abused and was not very assertive at the beginning about advocating for the children's welfare. Through counseling, I began to feel much better about myself. Some joint sessions with the children were also helpful. My life has changed for the better. I know longer feel anxious.
Thanks Margot for all of your help.

I moved to Fresno two years ago and was having trouble integrating in the community. Margot was very helpful in helping me discover community resources and activities that have made a tremendous difference for me.My depression has lifted and as a result, I am being more productive at work.




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