My Clients are:

People who want to change directions from where they are,
      to where they want to be.

§   People desiring to enhance their performance in life, career,
       or the creative arts.    

Individuals seeking balance in their lives between work and 

Those desiring to move ahead in their career.

Managers and executives seeking career development, career
      change or more balance in their life.

Entrepreneurs in small businesses and solo practices.

Singles seeking meaningful relationships.  

Those interested in incorporating a spiritual perspective in the 
      attainment of their coaching goals.


I am an ambitious woman. I love baseball. I came to Margot to 
improve my pitching on my college team. Through a combination 
of EMDR, hypnosis, visualization and coaching, I am reaching my 
potential. A lot of success is really about what and how you think.

I am great at practice games in my chosen primary sport, basketball. 
However, sometimes this doesn’t translate to success during a real game.  Margot was able to overcome my performance anxiety through a combination of therapeutic techniques and hypnosis. It’s been a great year for me.

"After floundering with a career decision for more than two years, I decided to find a counselor that could help me define a direction for my future.  Margot and I outlined a plan that would help me better understand who I am and define my strengths.  I was hoping that Margot could be able to help me deal with some gremlins from the past.  After a few sessions with Margot, I have a polished resume and a very clear sense of who I am and where I belong in society career wise.

It became clear to me very early on that Margot possesses a talent and genuine desire to help people wherever they may be.  She listened to me with compassion and without judgment.  This allowed me to open up and share my gremlins.  Margot explained a process called EMDR, developed to deal with past hurts, that might help me.  Gave it a try.  The results of EMDR were immediate.  I still have the memories that have long been a thorn for me, but they don't bother me as they once did.  Margot, with the help of EMDR, was able to help me overcome past experiences that have haunted me for years, and effected my self confidence.

Margot is the first counselor I found that has the talent, process and tools to help solve personal and professional issues.  I can sincerely give my highest recommendation to anyone looking for a good counselor.
D.Z.,  Electrical Engineer

"I will be retirement-eligible within two years.  Margot was able to help me define my skills, and more importantly my desires, so that I will be  a more active participant in transitioning to the next stage of my life.   The coaching experience, whether to provide guidance during change or loss, helped me to remain pro-active.
Debbie Riffle, Management & Program Analyst

I was in a quandary over which directions to take with my life.  I had been in the same profession for over 30 years, and had no interest in staying there.  At the same time I was unable to let go.  Margot has been a great help to search out and begin exploring other options and has allowed me to pursue new directions."
Clem Goewert, Insurance Agent

"Thank you for helping me find ways to motivate myself to change!  You really helped me confront my barriers my mind created and see new possibilities!  Specifically, I am going to the gym twice a week now and have a personal trainer.  The affect has moved outward in my life, encouraging me to make healthier food choices as well.  Thank-you Margot...I do feel great!"
Anonymous, Psychologist

"Margot has helped me identify that I had a form of post-traumatic stress disorder from when my company dissolved in 2005.  In diagnosing that problem, we were able to tackle and dismantle a lot of unhealthy beliefs that had formed in my head about my own capabilities.  I now have true confidence in myself.  In addition, she has guided me through a series of tests that helped me determine what kind of work I would find fulfilling  now.  Currently our focus is on my resume, researching and interviewing skills.  She has an endless amount of suggestions of resources including books, people, and classes.  She has been a great emotional support and a huge cheering squad encouraging me to push myself further - to get what I want and deserve - a happy and successful career and life."
Anonymous, Musical Composer

"I had been a strong and self directed young worker.  After I sold my business, primed to rejoin the workforce, I felt out of place in the existing job market.  After a series of unsatisfying jobs I explored job coaching.  Margot's step-by-step coaching has been instrumental in getting me refocused on my skills, abilities and interests.  Her program and gentle-but-direct guidance introduced me to a fulfilling career path.  While contented in my employment, I frequently replay Margot's sessions and utilize her process in other aspects of my life."
Kerry Stratford, Contract Administrator

"Working with Margot is like having access to an amazing treasure chest full of resources.  Through coaching sessions the path to my goals has taken many twists and turns which have enriched my journey and made the achievement of my goals a reality."
Jean Carlson Faulk, Educational Sales Consultant

"In working with me, Margot helped me identify the type of work and work environment in which I would thrive.  She took me down a path of self-realization, helping me understand that I had the power to make a change.  As a result, I gave myself permission to take a risk, and left a long-term, stable and secure job that was dragging me down.  I am now working for myself providing consulting services and technical assistance that is flexible, varied and intellectually stimulating."
L.T., Environmental Consultant

"I finally took the leap with the right person.  When I was ready to make changes in my life I met Margot.  She has the ability to help you reach your goals."
Calvin Pierce, District Manger, H&R Block

"I was able to define the problem and enlist the help in determining some immediate goals.  Having an outside observer helped me to focus my thoughts in order to describe my position and concerns."

"Promising action by a certain date made me accountable to someone else, a sense that I couldn't let someone else down. Over a series of coaching sessions, I would develop ways to be accountable for my own goals."

"It was a thoughtful discussion.  Margot helped to focus my thinking in the area where I reached clarity."
Fay Saxton, Massage Coordinator 

"Margot provided concrete applicable steps and strategies, a feeling of collaboration in the discussion, use of a visual model to help me think about a process, and in commitment to follow up."
Paul Pierce, Organization Design & Development

I have been wanting to try hypnosis for a long time for my problem with alcohol, and nothing else seemed to help me quit. I had a real serious problem with drinking. I must confess that I did not think it would help me quit, but I gave it a try and took the first step. Three months later, I have not had a drink and it does not even tempt me anymore. I highly recommend hypnosis to anyone with Margot. She is the best.

Due to medical problems, it was imperative that I stop smoking. Through hypnosis I was able to quit easily and now, to my amazement, have became sensitive to second hand smoke and avoid it whenever possible I began to feel physically better within a very short time.

After a very difficult birth, I was anxious about the impending birth of my second child. Through hypnosis, I learned to be completely relaxed and was able to have my new baby completely natural.

I had tried everything under the sun. With Margot’s help in setting my goals and two hypnosis sessions, I was able to let go of my emotional eating and quickly began to lose weight.

I found that hypnosis was a great help to me in both preparing for surgery and a fast recovery.

My sexual libido issues seem to be psychological. Several hypnosis sessions over the past ten years has greatly improved my sex life’

After having failed the bar exam two times, I decided to try hypnosis. I came to the exam with a very positive and relaxed attitude and passed with flying colors.

"In transition" is the exact place I was when I started to work with Margot. She helped me gain clarity about my situation & resolve to bring constructive action about.  She has real talent for listening, staying focused, and keeping the whole process moving forward.  Her many areas of expertise also kept the experience well rounded.   Margot demonstrated genuine caring and I felt she was truly "on my side."



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