Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How could working with a Coach benefit me?

Most highly talented people such as Olympic athletes and artistic
       performers have coaches.  These people are already outstanding,
       but know the value of "something extra" that pushes them beyond
       their perceived limitations.

2.     When do people hire a Coach?

When they are making a career transition, starting a new
        business, feeling dissatisfied, reevaluating life choices or simply 
        looking for a personal and professional break through.

3.     What costs are involved?

         Usually a first session is complimentary.   Coaching fees are
        $100.00 to $150.00 per session.  A commitment of three to six
         months allows enough time to reach many goals and see results.
Testing and assessment tools are additional charges.

4.     Where does coaching take place?
         The coaching session can be at the coach's office or by
        telephone.  E-mail may be used to keep in touch between
        sessions.  Some coaching is done exclusively by phone.   The
        coaching client can live in a different community, state, or country
        from the coach.

5.     Is the focus on business or personal goals?

        Emphasis can be on either one, but since these two areas overlap
        sometimes both come into play in a specific situation. 

6.     How will I know coaching is a worthwhile investment?

        Within a short time (30 days) you will begin to see the results of
        coaching, or you may have heard about successes of others
        employing coaches.   A study of 100 coached professionals found
        570% return on investment.   Overall job satisfaction increased

7.     What results can I expect from coaching?

        Coaching is an ongoing collaborative partnership built on taking

        In this powerful alliance clients find themselves:
        Doing more than they would on their own.

        Taking themselves more seriously

        Creating momentum and consistency

        Taking more effective and focused actions

        Becoming more balanced and fulfilled

        Becoming the creator of their experience

8.    What is EMDR and how is it used in coaching?

        Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR) is a powerful new
        counseling and coaching tool that facilitates rapid change and
        generates solutions.

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